The Fab 5

Jimmy King (of The Fab 5) and Burn Rubber Present: The Fab 5

Jimmy King of the Fab 5, Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, and Valiant Public Relations & Events have come together to create the first in a series of merchandise from the official Fab 5 apparel line. Each shirt is customized to each of the revolutionary Fab 5 members (#4 Truth- Chris Webber, #5 Jinx- Jalen Rose, #21 Money- Ray Jackson, #24 Jam- Jimmy King, #25 Nook- Juwan Howard) nicknames and numbers. The back of each shirt displays a unique mantra shared within the group.  "Let' em Hang", translates as an united front that mesmerized the nation. The phrase's dual meaning alludes to the teams NCAA  Final Four banners locked away in the University of Michigan's Bentley Library, stemming from a 10 year ban that has subsequently been lifted.  As Jimmy King says, "Join the Revolution and Let 'em Hang!"

The Fab 5 collab is available now at